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Technology Platform

Bioavailability Enhancement Drug Delivery
We have well established technologies to improve the dissolution and therefore bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds, these technologies include but not limited to: 
(1) Self-emulsifying drug delivery system;
(2) Nanocrystal system;
(3) Amorphous solid dispersion;
(4) Complexation;

Control Released Drug Delivery
The platform is dedicated to oral control released dosage form and manufacturing process development. It includes membrane control released, matrix control released, osmotic control released and others.
(1) Control released multi-particulates;
(2) Iron exchange resin control released;
(3) Matrix control released;
(4) Osmotic EOP and Push Pull;
(5) Pulsatile control released;

Complex Injectable Drug Delivery
Complex injectable dosage forms provide a few advantages, these include “reducing side effect, enhancing efficacy, improving the selectivity, increase patient compliances, and superior to conventional injectable products in drug product life cycle development). We provide following services:
(1) Microemulsion/Nanocrystal formulation development;
(2) Captisol complexation formulation development;
(3) Liposome development;
(4) Microsphere development;

Pediatric Drug Delivery
We specialize in pediatric dosage form development including immediate released and control released mini-tablet formulation and manufacturing process development and other appropriate pediatric dosage forms and manufacturing processes.