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IP Protection

IP Protection PolicyIP Protection Policy

-   Langhua is committed to protect customer's confidential information and Intellectual Property strictly. The Confidential Agreement will be signed with the customers before exchanging confidential information.

-   We will not provide the confidential information, no matter it's provided by customer or generated from confidential information, to any other 3rd party without customer's permission.

-   We promise that we will not apply a patent for the innovations which is generated from customer's confidential information without customer's permission.

-   Zero Tolerances for Violations is our attitude of IP protection.
We take below measures to ensure the information security:
  • Human ResourceLanghua signs CDA and Non-competition Agreement with the employees, and organize IP training periodically
  • Email and network security-Password protected network with firewall
    Restricted physical assess to network infrastructure
    Double check mechanism is applied for login at new devices
    Encryption system to protect docs from copy and releasing, all docs sent from R&D via email is coded and traceable
  • Data Security
    Data from research instruments are transferred to data server automatically
    Folder access rights are controlled
    Regular Data Backup with disaster recovery plan
  • Physical Security
    Confidential area is protected by the access control system and monitored by CCTV system.
  • Project Management Security
    Strictly manage the transmission and distribution of confidential information between functional departments during the project execution period, to ensures information security. In the event that third party such as sub-contractor, agency, is involved in the project, the CDA signing and similar level measures will be took to protect the confidential information and Intellectual property.