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Project Management

Langhua has always been customer-oriented. We strive to constantly improve and optimize our project managements. With the implementations of electronic notebook and online project management system, we are able to establish standardized and effective project management mechanisms and workflows to ensure all projects are operated orderly and efficiently, and quality products and services can be delivered on time.

* The project management team coordinates, compiles and aligns the quotation across functional groups to quickly response to clients’ inquiries by an integrated quotation along with reliable technical solutions.
* The project management team assigns project leader and technical leader for every client and project, who then serves as project organizer and technical goal-keeper respectively.
* The project manager is primarily responsible for non-technical issues communication and follow-up to ensure quality and efficiency.
* Project manager organizes weekly report and weekly meeting per customer’s request. During this process, information is kept transparent to our customers to enable real-time understanding of each project.
* After the project completions, project management team archives the project related documents such as reports and records in a traceable manner.
* Project management team is also responsible for setting up customer database and designating dedicated team to provide accurate and reliable services.