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ISO45001 System Certification

Langhua carries through international certification ISO45001 ,occupational health and safety management system.This system effectively eliminates and reduces staff and other related personnel may suffer from risks related to the activities of comprehensive standard, improving occupational health and safety management, maximum limitsand reduces the various injuries and occupational disease, and continuously meets the requirements of the laws and regulations.

Occupational Health

The company provides regular check-ups to all employees and all kinds of protection facilities of occupational diseases and the labor protection articles, and the occupational-disease-inductive factors tested periodically.

Safety Management

The company sets up the Production Safety Committee and the Process Safety Management Committee, to management safety in system, including regular systematic assessment of potential risk and taking effective control measures and implementing strict controls for chemicals, etc.

Fire Emergency

The company has established a comprehensive fire safety accident prevention system construction leading group "grid management", improve the company's fire safety accident prevention level.

To implement the policy"prevention first, extinguish combined with prevention" , the company practices comprehensive production safety accident emergency drillat least twice a year, to improve the emergency ability of employees.At the same time setting up compulsory fire team, in order to ensure emergency can be properly disposed of.

Fire Match

Fire Match

Fire Match

Fire Match

Fire Match

Fire extinguisher training for new employees

IH Audit

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