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Over the years the company always adhered to the purpose of "scientific research-oriented, technology to a benefit, technology to grab the market" and constantly committed to the development of new drugs innovation. In the development, Langhua Pharmaceutical set up a complete set of scientific and technological management and technology development system. Relying on the Ninhua Group Pharmaceutical Center, the company's research center is responsible for the company's high-tech product development, pharmaceutical medical research, technical cooperation and technology transfer, the collection of scientific and technological information and other technical work.

Langhua Pharmaceutical not only founded a research and development center in Taizhou, but also established a scientific research center in shanghai with the cooperation of Shanghai Medical College, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of organic, which engaged in research and development of new drugs. In strengthening its own scientific research ability, Langhua Pharmaceutical also build laboratories with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other tertiary institutions. Through technology transfer, joint innovation, independent development and other forms, Langhua Pharmaceutical constantly develop new products.

Langhua Pharmaceutical think of R&D and quality management as a guarantee, the safety of production as a basic platform, the international registration as a means, through focus on high-end market and cultivate differentiated competitive advantage, to achieve the gradually increase of high-end market share, the steady growth of performance and the continuously improvement of competitiveness. At present, Zhejiang Langhua Pharmaceutical has entering a period of rapid development and moving forward to the most valuable creative characteristics of raw materials enterprises gradually.


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