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Basic believes & leadership

Personnel satisfaction is an important issue. Based on relevant indicators, periodic inquiries and benchmarking, we want to be aware of the situation of our co-workers and adjust our policy where necessary.
Our success is the result of the knowledge, competences, experiences, commitment, dedication and motivation of our co-workers.
Lasting success is realised through continuous development in the frame of a motivating working atmosphere
We believe that only a result-oriented culture  (based on reliability, flexibility, efficiency and ‘4A’s’ ) safeguards the future of our company (co-workers, neighbours and environment) and manages  the interests of our shareholders.
All our company decisions and actions have a professional foundation. 
In the frame of our policy we accept calculated risks, based on thorough analysis.
All of our Human resource management obey the requires of related laws and regulations。


“4A’s”: Align 、Agree 、Account 、Appraise 


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