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Zhejiang langhua pharmaceutical co., LTD. devotes to promote the healthy development of enterprises and fully awares of the importance of environental protectionat the same time.Environment is the fundamental of enterprise's development and environmental pollution will not onlyaffect the enterprise's social reputation, reduce the credibility of enterprise and international competitivenessofproducts, but also be not conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise.So the company is in the full implementation of cleaner production and sustainable development strategic thought.


"Three wastes" treatment facilities

The waste gas treatment facilities

The company has two sets of exhaust gas treatment facilities: RTO waste gas treatment facilities and low temperature plasma waste gas treatment facilities. low temperature plasma exhaust gas treatment facilities exist as a back-up facilities.


The waste water treatment facilities

The wastewater treatment process in our company is the combination of  materialized treatment and secondary biochemical treatment , the design capacity of process is 2000 cubic meters per day.


Solid waste storage disposal

There is a special solid waste storage site which covers an area of 1248 square meters. So household garbages and hazardous solid wastes in our company can be properly stored.



ISO14001 system certification

Langhua pharmaceutical co., LTD executes and goes through the ISO14001 international environmental management system certification, the system are management activities  which organized, planned and can coordinateactions including the specification of action program and documented control mechanism.Itimplements in whole company by means of a clear organization structure with responsibilities and obligations, the purpose is to prevent adverse impact on the environment.



Waste warehouse

Sewage Disposal

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